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One of the most devastating things any parent can experience is the loss of a child. Whether in early or late pregnancy, during childbirth or later in life, it can be an overwhelming and heartbreaking experience. The month of October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. During this time, we take time to remember those babies we have lost and the parents and families who remain to mourn. As we go through this month, we consider why these events happen, so that we can work to prevent them happening again.  


What will cause a child to snore? Snoring occurs when there is a blockage in the upper airway. In children, this blockage is most commonly due to enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids, which are glands situated in the back of the throat and nose.


Fibroids are benign growths of muscle on the uterus. We don’t know why they develop but we do know they are more common in Black women and usually appear during the reproductive years—in the 30s. While a woman continues to have menses, fibroids may grow. Unfortunately, fibroids don’t usually go away on their own, but typically, after menopause, they get smaller and become less bothersome.


Head and Neck cancers originate from the larynx (voice box), mouth (including the lips and tongue), pharynx (throat), nose and sinuses, and salivary glands. There are other cancers which are found in the region but these are grouped together due to similar causes, presentations and treatments.


Hysteroscopy is a procedure that involves looking into the uterus with a device called a hysteroscope. This device is a camera, about as wide as a pencil, which allows your doctor to see the inside of the uterus without making any incisions on your abdomen. This procedure has revolutionised the way gynaecologists care for their patients, increasing accuracy of diagnosis and offering treatments with shorter recovery times.


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