Doctor, nurse and young male patient with a cast on his arm.

Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery

Broken bones, injured muscles, damaged joints – when patients are injured, their options for care matter. At Rovier Surgical Suites, we provide an environment and staff who are prepared to guide patients seamlessly and efficiently through their perioperative care.

Our experienced anaesthetic colleagues provide preoperative assessment and intraoperative care focused on patient safety and outcomes. We work with consultant orthopaedic surgeons to ensure satisfied patients and quality care. Whether it’s a quick day case or an overnight stay, our staff ensures that both patient and surgeon are safe, prepared, and supported from start to finish.

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Rovier Surgical suites is a boutique medical facility that provides quality healthcare in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Our team of qualified physicians and nurses, ensure that you get the best care and have a smooth and restful recovery.

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