General Surgery

Three surgeons operating on a patient.

Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery

At Rovier Surgical Suites, we are proud to provide the equipment and facilities for a wide range of general surgery procedures. We work with surgical consultants who span all surgical disciplines, including breast surgery, laparoscopic and abdominal surgery, and subspecialties, including orthopaedic and ophthalmologic surgery. Supported by the very latest in Anaesthesia equipment, procedures may be easily and smoothly performed with minimal patient discomfort.

Advanced monitoring allows for close and effective assessment after complex and extensive procedures. Our focus is on patient and provider safety and satisfaction and we are proud to offer an exceptional level of care.

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Rovier Surgical suites is a boutique medical facility that provides quality healthcare in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Our team of qualified physicians and nurses, ensure that you get the best care and have a smooth and restful recovery.

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